DIY Easter Sprinkles

American Confections

While everyone is social distancing and staying home I thought it would be the perfect time to give you guys a tutorial on how to make your own sprinkles. These have a six month shelf life if using meringue powder and stored properly.
What you will need
  • Royal icing in colors of your choice
  • Wax Paper
  • Tape
  • Our free sprinkle templates
Start by mixing your desired colors in a 20 second consistency. You do not want to use flooding consistency as the icing will run. Next you want to download and print the templates located in our website under the downloads tab.
Tape the corner of the printable down to a flat even surface, cover in wax paper and also tape the corners. You want to make sure the wax paper is laying flush with the template.
Once everything is taped down you are ready to go! Just take your icing and fill in the shapes. I like to use the my icing tip to spread the icing around when trying to cover the shape. You can also use a cookie scribe or toothpick.
Once you have filled in all the shapes for the template let them dry for 8 hours or overnight. 
To create the grass sprinkles just pipe straight lines on wax paper.
Once your icing has dried take the tape off and use a small spatula to slide the icing shapes off the wax paper. They should easily fall off if they are completely dry. To create the grass sprinkles remove the tape from the wax paper and roll it up. Use your fingers to slightly break the sprinkles. 
Now you have your own Easter Sprinkles! I like to use left over icing from cookie orders to make sprinkles to store for other projects. Just tape down some wax paper and pipe away. Make sure you are using the correct consistency and letting the transfers dry overnight. 

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